This section provides information on registration requirements for vendors or contractors who are interested in doing business with PETROS.


The application procedures, guidelines and requirements are subject to change from time to time.
Company Registration
  • The following entities – duly registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) – are allowed to register as PETROS vendor:
    • Sole Proprietorships
    • Partnerships
    • Private and Public Limited Companies
    • Foreign Registered Companies
  • Company was incorporated in Sarawak (except foreign registered companies);
  • Sarawak-Based company (i.e. facilities, manufacturing/operations and/or head office in Sarawak) is preferred;
Financial and Shareholding
  • Minimum Paid-Up Capital of RM100,000 (Private or Public Limited);
  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet for the last Financial Year of RM50,000 (Partnership) and RM 5,000 (Sole Proprietorship)
  • 100% shares owned by Sarawakian* (Agents/Principal/Sole Proprietorship);
  • >50% shares owned by Sarawakian* (Private Limited or Partnership);
  • >20% shares owned by Sarawakian* (Public Limited company);

* Sarawakian refers to shareholder with Sarawak IC (i.e. middle-13 or K status)

Minimum Technical Criteria
  • Valid certification and license for each category of work applied where applicable (MOF/CIDB/DOE/UPKJ/SWEC/MOU/etc.);
  • Products/goods supplied are in accordance with international standards (e.g. API, ASME, ASTM, etc.);
  • Appointment as exclusive Agent must cover at least whole of Sarawak, with appointment letters directly issued by the original manufacturer principal addressed to the appointed agent. Principal to have minimum ten (10) years experience related to the respective category;
  • Relevant expertise in management of operations, skilled employees and system for each category applied.

Eligibility for participation in PETROS procurement activities shall be based on the categories approved and any further legislative requirement as stipulated in each respective tender document.

Registration Category
PETROS Work Categories - Products   PETROS Work Categories - Services
Supporting Documents to Be Included During Registration
Vendors are required to attach softcopies (in .PDF) of supporting documents during registration, where applicable:
  • Required documents required for Private & Public Limited companies:
    • Super Form Section 14 (Form 9, 24, 49)
    • Section 51 Register of Members
    • Latest 2-years Annual Audited Financial Report
    • Trade License
  • Required documents required for Sole Proprietorship & Partnership companies:
    • Company Registration Certificate from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM);
    • Income Statement & Balance Sheet for the last Financial Year
    • Trade License
  • Other supporting documents where applicable:
    • Certification with Government Bodies, Private Sectors & Public Sectors (e.g. *MOF/DOE/NIOSH/UPKJ/SWEC/MOU etc.);
    • Valid appointment letter from the Principal Manufacturer for each item supplied and related technical information (catalog, specification, supply experience and etc) for agents /suppliers which market manufacturer’s goods

MOF - Ministry of Finance
DOE - Department of Environment
NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
UPKJ - Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor & Juruperunding Sarawak
Standardised Work & Equipment Categories Code and Certificate is a mandatory upload if you check YES to any of the corresponding Supply Categories.

MOU - Sarawak Ministry of Utilities


  • Registration is valid for three (3) years.
  • Registration fee is required for new registration and renewal, based on the below:

    Paid Up Capital Registration Fees
    (Sarawakian Company) (Non-Sarawakian Company)
    RM <100,000 RM 50 -
    RM 100,000 - RM 999,999 RM 100 RM 250
    RM 1,000,000 - RM 4,999,999 RM 200 RM 500
    Above RM 5,000,000 RM 300 RM 1,000
  • Registration fee payment must be made within fourteen (14) days from the date of e-mail notification of successful registration is sent as per the payment instructions included in the email.

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