This section provides an overview on PETROS tendering process of submission, rejection and withdrawal of PETROS Invitation to Tender (ITT) or Request for Proposal/Quotation (RFP/RFQ).


Expression of Interest (EOI)

Prior to an Invitation to Tender (ITT), an Expression of Interest (EOI) or market survey may be issued for the intended Tender. 


Tender Submission

In general, tenders shall be submitted in two (2) separate packages: 

  1. Technical Proposal – i.e. unpriced proposal, containing all technical information
  2. Commercial Proposal - i.e. containing all price-related submission


Detailed tender submission instructions will be provided during each Invitation to Tender (ITT). 


Rejection of Tenders/Quotations

A tender/quotation shall be disqualified due to the following but not limited to:

  • Tenders received after bid closing date and time;
  • Incomplete documentation, or not complying to Invitation to Tender (ITT) requirements;
  • Attempt to pervert course of evaluation;
  • Changing joint venture or partners that can impact the ability to deliver;
  • Unsolicited price reductions and modification; and/or
  • Evidence that bidder is being charged in court or declared bankrupt


Withdrawal of Tender/Quotation

Tenderers who withdraw within the tender validity period after the tenders have been opened may be subjected to penalties as specified in the tender documents such as blacklisted from participating in PETROS’ future procurement exercises for a period of six (6) months to two (2) years.


Clarification of Tender/Quotation

Clarification shall be confined only to the technical proposal submitted in the tender bid. Depending on the tender requirements, tenderers may submit a new financial proposal which should only contain the revision(s) based on the requirements in respect to the clarification of the technical proposal. 

No technical and financial negotiations are allowed during clarification.


Local Content

Local Content refers to maximized use of Sarawakians and Sarawak-based contractors. The tenderer shall indicate and provide justification for any portion of the Scope of Work that cannot be performed or delivered by any Sarawakian or Sarawak-based contractors. PETROS shall have absolute discretion to accept or otherwise justification provided by the tenderer of the technical proposal. 


Notification of Award

The successful tenderer shall be officially notified of the award through a duly executed Letter of Award, Purchase Order (PO) or a Contract, clearly defining the scope, terms and conditions. Letter of Regret will be issued out to unsuccessful tenderers.


Contractor’s Performance Evaluation 

Contractor’s performance will continuously be monitored and measured against the respective contractual scope of work or services. If the contractor’s performance is found to be unsatisfactory, PETROS has the right to blacklist or withdraw the registration upon completion of the performance evaluation process.

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