1. What are the minimum requirements to register as PETROS vendor?
    The detailed requirements are stated in this website under the Registration Requirements section.

  1. Can foreign companies register with PETROS?
    Foreign companies may still register especially for goods/services which are not provided by Sarawakian companies, however our preference are either by:

    1. Appointing a Sarawakian company as an exclusive agent representing them. The appointed agent’s company must be registered with PETROS, or

    2. Forming a new Joint Venture (JV) company with a Sarawakian company. JV company may submit the registration as vendor by complying to the requirements specified under the Registration Requirements section.

  1. We do not have any UPKJ/ SWEC registration. Can we still do business with PETROS?
    You may proceed with registration provided you meet the criteria specified under the Registration Requirements section.

  1. My UPKJ/SWEC registration is no longer valid. Can I still do business with PETROS?
    Your registration and licenses must remain valid and active. PETROS must be notified in writing for any expiry, withdrawal or termination of the respective registration and licenses.

  1. There are some changes in my Company details. What should I do?
    PETROS must be informed on any changes to Company details (e.g. contact number, address, shareholders, etc.) via email to with the relevant supporting documents.

  1. My company has registered with PETROS before this. Do we need to re-register via the online registration form?
    Vendors who have expressed interest to register on doing business with PETROS earlier are advised to complete their registration using the online Vendor Registration Form. 

  1. I have registered with PETROS. Why have I not been invited to tender?
    Registration does not constitute automatic eligibility for business opportunities. We encourage potential vendors to track their areas of interest and find out about upcoming requirements and criteria by visiting the Tender Opportunities section in our website.

  2. How long will it take to process my registration?
    Please allow between 6-8 weeks for registration process. Incomplete submissions will be rejected. Your registration must be complete and accompanied with all required documentation.

  3. Will we be notified on the status of our registration?
    You will receive an email once your registration is successful or unsuccessful.

  4. Who can we contact for other vendor-related queries?
    You can email us at should you have further queries.

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