Our commitment to Goal Zero – Every One Get Home Safe Every Day is expected of and lived through each of our leaders, employees and extended by our contractors, vendors and service providers. We live and promote a culture where employees and contractors keep each other safe.


Our Response to Covid-19

Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy:


In the conduct of our business, we recognise that excellence in Health, Safety, Security and Environment performance is a critical part of our business goals and to accomplish this we will:


  • Apply standards and industry best practice on safety and environment procedures in compliance with legal and statutory requirements,
  • Protect and care for the well-being, safety and security of all our employees, those involved in our operations, our customers, and the communities where we operate,
  • Strive to reduce our emissions and wastes to minimise our impact to the environment, 
  • Conduct HSSE risks assessments and establish controls,  
  • Require our leaders and our people to actively and visibly demonstrate responsibility and accountability for HSSE,
  • Report hazards and incidents, conduct investigations in a way that focuses on learning, and not blame, 
  • Set clear expectations and implement HSSE management systems that enable continuous improvement, 
  • Conduct assurance controls to measure our HSSE performance, 
  • Provide leadership and resources that will enable our workforce to carry out their activities responsibly and safely,
  • Communicate regularly with the communities where we operate to develop and maintain mutual understanding of goals and expectations.


IOGP Life-Saving Rules


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